An Au Pair in Milan


I'm finally an au pair in Milan, and in a few minutes you can read all about it on my new website:

To Be a Professional or Not? What is the Middleground?

It comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to decide who you are. Usually, it comes a lot of times, but most definitely, it comes at least one time in your life. For me, today is one of these times.


I’ve found a perfect human being that I am crushing on, SO HARD. It’s weird for me to say that this human being is perfection, because who is? But I could almost bet that if we play our cards right, this could be it. Which I’m not going to… I’m not going to play my cards right in any way, because I’m moving next week, and I keep forgetting to tell him that (he just knows that I am moving, not when) because I keep planing our wedding in me head. Silly isn’t it?


And I want to sort my feelings out, through writing, in the public eye (my blog), because that’s always been how I sort my feelings out. But today I am questioning it. Not the fact that I imagine having someone’s babies for the first time in my life (pathetic considering everything), but the fact that I need to write about this in public. I’ve made so many decisions about not writing about my private life earlier this summer, thing’s I wouldn’t even have considered talking openly about earlier. And it’s not like I’ve gotten a bigger crowd now (actually it’s smaller, because I’m controversial), it’s just that pointing fingers to those who haven’t chosen to be surrounded with social media seems morally wrong. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s more complicated right now… It’s serious. I’m not just talking about this perfect human being anymore, but the fact that I’ve been thrown out by someone I thought was my friend (which I did write about, but not all of the bad things about it), that I have toxic realtions or the fact that my friends been treating me like their personal slave and I’ve gotten sick of their behaviour. I don’t get in to those things, because I think it will come bite me in the ass even though it’s not my fault. But if I start writing about these things on the internet and really sort it out for the public, then I feel like I’ve done something wrong. Earlier in life I think I’ve known who’s the evil one when writing about rapists and oppressors. But now, if I write about a conflict that haven’t had a finnish line, I’m the childish one. I know I would think so. And honest to God, I don’t think I will stand up against those ”friends” that treated me like a slave or throw out my toxic relations just yet (because first of all, I would have like two-three friends left), I like the fact that I am moving and taking some real distance from them. I don’t think that they will sort through their behaviour and realize that they’ve been treating me badly, but with distance from everything that I now call home I will get to know me and my own abilities a little bit better, and hopefully learn a bit more about what I deserve and don’t from my friends.


Now I’ve been reading the upper paragraphs for a while now, and even though it explains my situation I don’t think it’s too revealing. I think it’s just about perfect, because it’s about my life and what’s going on in it and even though my friends or ”friends” are mentioned, it doesn’t say who they are nor have much detail about their actions towards me. Is that professional?


I don’t know.


The thing is, I am torn. Someday I wish to be bigger, to have a bigger audience on my platform(s). However, that is far from today. I can’t decide wheter or not I should be professional already? If yes, what is professional?


Professional is probably the opposite to personal or private. But yet, a blog about my life should be personal. So how do you find middleground between personal and professional, without draging in too much drama or too much boring stuff?


I know my life is about to take a very interesting turn, and I will probably let you know about how I became an au pair in a while but when it comes to my everyday life, you can’t share too much. I know, that if I want to be an au pair for a second year, I will share this blog of my experiences with the next coming family because that’s a really good merit. So how do I found a middle ground between ”Lisa, the responsible one with love for children” and ”Lisa, the creative and funny one who loves to have great adventures and has a lot to say about politics”? How do I write about my life in a professional way, yet a way that shows off my personality? That is a trick all by itself! And I probably have to work a lot on it!




New Cyberdog In


WOOOP! Check out this gorgeous new jacket I bought from Cyberdog when I went to Camden Market during my trip to London. It is to die for. If I wouldn't have gotten a cold I would defintely have worn it for a rave me and my friend was going to on the 24th of August. Imagine this one and anything white, really! Also bought two lipsticks that shine in the dark like markers you use when you study. I think bright purple and lime green.

This entire outfit is what I wish my Instagram feed was like. It is so colorful and dope! I wore this outfit when we were on the West Coast, it would have been awesome to have it to an event. 

The outfit in it's entirety is kind of old. I bought the pants on Lilywhite UK the first time I was in London. It was about five or six years ago. Underneath the jacket I am wearing the best sport bra I've ever found from Cubus. But I think I might have bought it three years ago and it makes me so upset that these aren't sold anymore, because it gives great support, is super comfy and makes my boobs look really nice. The shoes I bought from Skopunkten this spring as well as the shades from Dollarstore.


"When Life Brings You Lemons..." make Ginger Lemon Shots!


September is almost upon us and autumn is coming. Also known as trees with beautiful coloured leaves, cozy sweaters and tea. One can't barely go through all of the fall months without catching a cold. It's tradition and a must have when it comes to the autumn bucket list.

As you already know, through no one's fault, *cough* Ella *cough*, I've already catched and released an autumn cold. I'm now sick of my lousy immune system and I want change!

Lately I’ve been very interested in a healthy lifestyle. I'm not motivated to eat good nor make a huge lifestyle change. However, I am interested in the small changes that don't require much from me. Anyone recognize themselves? Listen up!

In the last few days I've done some changes that might be quite conclusive when it comes to my health. Two of these are supplements, which I am raised to be critical against and therefore will wait to review in about a month. However, I have read the research behind them and it seems promising. The third is Ginger Lemon Shots which I love. According to many studies that have been made these shots may actually improve your health (I will get to it soon). But if they won't, I actually don't mind because I love the taste and the energy I get from kicking one back (half the reason I'm so hyped about Tequila Shots is just the energy of kicking one back, and the spice!). 

If you look closely on the pictures of the bottles, you might see a slight colour difference in them. That’s because its 50% more ginger in one of the bottles, due to different recepies. However, they contain the same, three ingredients: ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper (many use chili, but cayenne is a personal favourite of mine). Here comes a ton of reasons to kick back at least one "wake up (I take mine instead of coffee) shot"!



1. Ginger Soothes Upset Stomachs & Aids Digestion

Ginger is an incredible natural remedy for nausea and upset stomachs. Pregnant and suffering from regular bouts of morning sickness? Try some ginger tea or take a ginger shot. Hungover and feeling sick to your stomach? Down that ginger shot stat. Ginger root not only soothes the stomach, it also aids digestion. It eases bloating and constipation, as ginger relaxes the smooth muscle in your gut to help move food along through the digestive tract. It also improves nutrient absorption. Since it promotes regular and healthy digestion, ginger is a great tool to prevent and protect against malabsorption.


2. Ginger Boosts Your Immune System

In today’s modern world, people are busier than ever. You work hard and play hard, but that can really take a toll on your bodies and immune systems. Adding ginger to your daily diet via a ginger shot or otherwise is a great way to combat this. As an antioxidant, ginger root helps fight free radicals and toxins in your body, as well as cleans out your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is essentially your body’s sewage system, so by keeping it clean and functioning, you’ll prevent further toxic buildup in your body. If you are already sick and hurting, take an extra ginger shot or sip on some ginger tea to help you heal and feel better faster. Since ginger is also an anti inflammatory agent, it soothes internal inflammation so that your immune system doesn’t have to work so hard and wear itself out.


3. Ginger Fights Infection

Ginger root is naturally antimicrobial, meaning that it kills bacteria. By taking a ginger shot, you are helping to remove harmful bacteria from your system. In 2011 study published by The Journal of Microbiology and Antimicrobials, it was found that ginger’s ability to kill two common and dangerous bacterias -- staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes -- far surpassed the conventional antibiotics’ abilities. If you are coming into contact with unknown bacterias regularly, like if you ride public transportation or work in the medical field, adding ginger to your diet can help protect you. Ginger is also a great natural antifungal agent, so it can help kill any nasty fungus that might be lurking in your body.


4. Ginger Revs Up Your Metabolism

A ginger shot first thing in the morning can be a great way to start your day and wake up your metabolism. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, adding ginger to your diet is a great way to boost your metabolism. Ginger root causes your stomach to produce more acid, which stimulates your metabolism and essentially turns it up a few notches. This extra acid helps the body to burn more calories and fat. If you want to burn more calories during your next workout session, throw back a ginger shot before heading to the gym.


5. Ginger Helps Your Body Recover Faster Post-Workout

The time spent recovering from a workout is just as important as the time spent actually exercising. When your muscles get sore, it’s because they have tiny tears in the muscle fibers. This happens when you lift weights or strength train. After you’ve completed an especially intense workout, it’s important you recover properly. Your muscles need to repair themselves, which in turn builds new muscle mass and makes you stronger. They need proper fuel to recover. Taking a ginger shot after a workout can really help, as ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory. Ginger can actually speed up your workout recovery and help your body to heal faster and more efficiently.


6. Ginger Regulates Blood Sugar

When you feel anxiety strike, it can often be due to your blood sugar levels. Spikes and dips in blood sugar can cause anxiety, unhealthy cravings, energy crashes, and dizzy spells. Diabetics are especially vulnerable to these symptoms, as their bodies are unable to regulate their blood sugar. If you are diabetic, you must monitor your blood sugar throughout the day to prevent spikes and dips from throwing your body out of whack. Everybody can experience unhealthy spikes and dips in blood sugar levels though, not just diabetics. It’s important to keep your body’s levels even and regular. Ginger actually helps to regulate your blood sugar and fights these symptoms. So next time you are feeling like reaching for that candy bar to get you out of your midday slump, grab a ginger shot instead. It’s so much healthier and satisfying.



1. Treats Indigestion

Lemon juice helps to cure problems related to indigestion and constipation. Add a few drops of this citrus fruit juice to your dish (take care, it does not go well with milk), and it will aid in digestion. It acts as a blood purifier and a cleansing agent.


2. Treats Fever

Lemon juice can treat a person who is suffering from a cold, flu or fever. It helps break fevers by increasing perspiration.


3. Prevents Kidney Stones

Lemon, both from the fresh fruit and from juice concentrates, has more citric acid content than grapefruit juice and orange juice. This is confirmed through a study by Dr. Stephen Nakada, President-Elect of the American Board of Urology. Another study confirmed that the high citric acid content in lemons help increase urinary citrate levels more than 2-fold without changing total urinary volume. Thus, lemonade therapy can be used as a secondary therapy for treatment of hypocitraturic calcium nephrolithiasis (urinary stones formed due to low citrate consumption). Studies conducted at the American Urological Association highlight the fact that lemonade or lemon juice can eliminate the occurrence of kidney stones by forming urinary citrate, which prevents the formation of crystals.


4. Soothes Respiratory Disorders

Lemon juice assists in relieving respiratory problems and breathing problems, such as its ability to soothe a person suffering from an asthma attack. Being a rich source of vitamin C, it helps in dealing with more long-term respiratory disorders as well.


5. Treats Rheumatism

It is also a diuretic and can treat rheumatism and arthritis. It helps to flush out bacteria and toxins from the body.


6. Throat Infections

Lemon is an excellent fruit that fights problems related to throat infections, due to its well-known antibacterial properties.


7. Controls Blood Pressure

Drinking lemon juice is helpful for people suffering from heart problems because it contains potassium. It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea as it provides a calming sensation to both, the mind and body. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, daily lemon intake and walking (average body movement) are effective for high blood pressure. Another study highlights the importance of vitamin C rich foods in preventing various coronary heart disease. 



1. Anti-Irritant Properties

Cayenne has the ability to ease upset stomach, ulcers, sore throats, spasmodic and irritating coughs, and diarrhea.


2. Clears Congestion

Suffering from stuffed up sinuses due to cold, flu, or allergies? Cayenne pepper aids in breaking up and moving congested mucus.


3. Anti-Fungal Properties

In vitro tests have found that CAY-1, a compound found in cayenne peppers, effectively suppressed the development of 16 different fungal strains, while remaining completely non-toxic to animal cells.


4. Migraine Headache Prevention

This may be related to the pepper’s ability to stimulate a pain response in a different area of the body, thus diverting the brain’s attention to the new site. Following this initial pain reaction, the nerve fibers have a depleted substance P (the nerve’s pain chemical), and the perception of pain is lessened.


5. Digestive Aid

Cayenne is a well-known digestive aid. It stimulates the digestive tract, increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices. This aids the body’s ability to metabolize food (and toxins). Cayenne pepper is also helpful for relieving intestinal gas. It stimulates intestinal peristaltic motion, aiding in both assimilation and elimination.


6. Useful for Blood Clots

Cayenne pepper helps reduce atherosclerosis, encourages fibrinolytic activity, and prevents factors that lead to the formation of blood clots, all of which can help reduce the chances of a heart attack or stroke.


7. Anti-Bacterial Properties

Cayenne is an excellent preservative and has been used traditionally to prevent food contamination from bacteria.


8. Promotes Longevity

A study using data collected from almost half a million people found that people who eat spicy foods have a 14% chance of living longer than those that don’t. Researchers also found that regular consumption of chili peppers aligned with reduced rates of death from respiratory disease, heart problems, cancer.


9. Promotes Heart Health

Animal studies found that capsaicin reduced serious heart arrhythmias and improved cardiac blood flow.


This is just a short summarize of a few studies of hundred that examines the health benefits of the ingredients in my super shot. If you want to know more, then Google is your friend. Now to the recepies!



Recipe 1

1 liter:

- 200g fresh ginger

- 1l water

- 2 lemons

- 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper


Heat up 1l water. Grate the fresh ginger and pour it in to the hot water (between 60-80 degrees). Let it sit until it gets cold. While waiting, juice 2 lemons. When the ginger water has gotten cold, strain it until it leaves a ginger flavoured soup with no ginger pulp. Put the lemon juice into the ginger flavoured water, add cayenne pepper, stir, put in a container or bottle in the fridge to cool. 


Recipe 2

The second recipe was supposed to be the same ingredients but mixed in a juicer instead. However, the ginger is too dry which made the process so much more complicated. I juiced a few ginger knobs, but in the end it was too much. So I juiced to lemons, mixed it together and then added some of the liquid from the last recipe. It became something in between the two.


By the way, I bought two awesome bottles from Flying Tiger on monday this week. Aren't they awesome?







West Coast, 2nd Time Around

Good evening!

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for the west coast, the second time around. But this time with my friends. The 29th is one of my closest friend's birthday so we are going to celebrate her 20th and another friend that turned 21 earlier this month. We're a tight group of four girls, and I have the best drunk memories with them - but it's time to create some more. We also have plans to visit Denmark. My friends are kind of dorky (but they're my dorks) and enjoy made up countries like Ladonia (country of artist Lars Vilks) and UFO related attractions. I honestly don't know where I'll end up! But that's an adventure by itself! 

Yesterday morning I powerwalked to Jasmine where I met up with Stina and Frida. We talked about the shopping list before going to the city to buy all the things we needed. Around lunch time we went shopping for clothes for fun, before having lunch at Spice & Rice. Later they all went spontaneous all over the place and got piercings. I've been wanting a septum for a while now, but I'm not a fan of surprising my host family with a nose ring. And when it comes to that much money, to not make it permanent, would be stupid. I want to think it through. And honestly, I'm more up for another tattoo at this point. I think it's because I know how a tattoo feels (and it's not that bad). But since I'm a piercing virgin (which my friends are not), I'm kind of scared of the pain. The day continued to shopping for our camping trip, a few things for my move to Milan and dinner at Max Hamburgare. 


Today I've just done the necessary things, such as packing for Milan + the coast, made and sent the last invoices. I've also made a special drink that I'll share in a post that's coming soon.


I have a few posts lined up for you to read while I'm gone, but most of the time - it will be pretty quite here while I'm gone (4 days).

Until then, "... in a while crocodile".




20 000 SEK Job

Today I turned down a 20 000 SEK job. I don't know if it was the right decision or not. My lazy side says "hell yes", but then there's my greedy side, telling me that extra money is always a great idea. Honestly, to keep my company going for a month or so for 25 000 (or whatever the turn out would have been) would have been quite nice - but I don't enjoy a second of this work anymore. Solely doing the invoices has taken me forever, just because I hate every single second of it. 

I know it makes me sound ungrateful, spoiled and a tiny bit stupid. But we only get one life. So why should I do something I hate? Money isn't everything. And although money makes me happy sometimes, I'd rather be happy for what I have right now - than work and hope to be happy later. 

How do you balance the things you hate VS. your happiness?


The Wedding

After Rain #1, I posted on Saturday. Do you know what comes after taking pictures of raindrops? Wedding!

I went to a wedding ceremoni on Saturday, so beautiful! I have a few pictures to commemorate it by, but not to be showed by the public since I haven't asked for permission. According to the law, I don't have to. But since it's my cousin, it would be rude not to. On the other hand, I would like for you to get a sense of it all, therefore I cencored their faces. I might look funny, just remember that it isn't. It was so beautiful!


Before leaving home, with my sisters.


At the hotel, for those invited to the party, a.k.a. my mom and dad. 


The Wedding


After getting home from the wedding.

After Rain #1


Latte & Wahlgrens Värld


Woke up 9 this morning feeling a little bit better but still queasy. However I went out for a "walk" last night, meaning I went to the store to buy coughdrops and later sat by the playground trying to get some fresh air, although my throat is completely clogged, and I think it might have helped a little bit. I was out for almost 2 hours listening to a few podcast episodes of Mathilda & Andrea that I've missed, turns out, I completely forgot about the first episode of the reality show Wahlgrens Värld that I absolutely love! Nevertheless, I started my day watching it with a latte on the couch. I don't really know what it is about this reality show, but it isn't like others. I think people love the Kardashians and Paradise Hotel because of the drama, but I'm not a drama fan. I love the fun, easy going insight given into Wahlgren's professional lives as well as their open conversations about themselves. It's just a really fun way to relax and escape reality.


Until next time, " a while crocodile". 






It's been about a week since I left Prague and I thought I'd just let you know about where I've been what I've done and what I thought about it. Nothing big. So on Monday the 13th of August I woke up pretty early to get some breakfast in town, get a vaccination shot, do some shopping and exchange money. Later I went home to get packing and make the guest room ready for Decci, for when she later came by at 18. 


On Tuesday, the 14th of August, we had breakfast from Espresso House on the train to Gothenburg. From GBG we took a bus to Landvetter where we had Max. 


When we got to Prague we took public transport all the way from the airport to the hotel where we had booked our stay. But when we go to the hotel and tried to check in, it turns out the room we were supposed to stay in had issues with the plumbing and the hotel manager told us he'd be ordering us a cab to take us to a hotel they had booked for us. It took almost an hour to wait for the taxi. Finally we got to hotel Theatrion. A pretty nice hotel that would have been even nicer if the staff was as well, you truly notice when someone hate their job. When we finally had access to our hotel room we got changed for dinner and a club night. 


On Wednesday the 15th, we woke up early to head downtown on a guided tour in Terezin, where it used to be a concentration camp during WW2. A tour I highly recomend!


When we got home at 18 we chilled in the hotel room, taking a bath, drinking some cocktails until we decided to go out for dinner. Decci had some traditional cuisine that looked like baked in meat of some kind and I had salmon. We later got to a karaeoke bar where we hung out until closing time. We went looking for another bar, but everything was pretty much closed. So we went home, had some tacos close to our hotel and went to bed at 5 ish in the morning. 


On Thursday I woke up waaay hungover, we had breakfast half an hour before closing time and then we went to bed for a few more hours. At 15 we went to the Old Town for lunch at Národní Kavárna. It was the fresh hungover cure I've dreamed of, their lemonades are to die for. After lunch we decided to cross the Charles Bridge, however got distracted on the way over there when seeing paddle boats all over the river and a place we could rent one. We checked out the price and decided to go. And it was one of the best decisions we could have made on this trip!


On our way to the Bridge we noticed a tent where they sold fruit and we just couldn't resist! So we ate that fruit during our stroll over the bridge and in to the Old Town before we went home. 


We went home to make ourselves ready for dinner and a night out on the town. But as usual, we were a tinsy bit late and everything had closed when we got out so we ended up eating falafel/kebab at a fast food restaurant. Then we went out for drinks and Decci got a bit wasted on absint. I was still hungover from the night before so I was just her company for the night, drinking mostly things with cream such as Irish Coffee and Hot Chocolate (still a child).

Hotel view



On Friday, the 17th of August, we had a big breakfast until 10. Checked out at 11 and went on exploring the city for one last day. We went to an outlook tower near our hotel to check the town from above. They had such comfy chairs we stayed there longer than expected, then we decided to go for icecream, shopping souvenirs, alcohol and snacks for the trip. 

Only expensive thing in Prague? -Candy!


Had to sneak photograph these ladies, aren't they fashionable?



By 15 we had two hours until the cab was going to pick us up from the hotel so we chose the great restaurant we had eaten at the first day. They had awesome food and then we went home!

Hotel restaurant



We got to Sweden around midnight and weren't home in the house until 3 in the morning. We slept until lunch time when dad had prepared a great feast meal for us all to enjoy. Decci left right after that, picked up by her aunt.

All and all, it was a great trip with a great friend that we booth deserved and enjoyed. We both learned and had a lot of fun! If there's anything I recomend it is buying one of those tickets where you get 3 days of the city's public transportation for a very cheap price. I also recomend going on a guided tour, wheter a free one in Prague or one in Terezin. Thing is, you should try all the things I did because I regretted none of them. 


Until next time, " a while crocodile". 





Almost a week has gone by since I was feeling a bit fattigue and today might be the worst day of this cold. I got it from my sister who had it for two weeks and just now got better. I'm so not in the mood, because this is not the time for it. I have so much to do before I move and I'm going on one last trip with my besties next week but I don't know if I can, I don't know if I'll be healthy enough for it. I defintely wasn't healthy enough for the trip I was about to take this week to Stockholm to visit a friend, and as it turns out I might not be healthy enough next week for a second trip to the west coast, Ladonia (made up country my friends seem to love) and Denmark. Fact is, it's 2,5 weeks until I move. That is insane. I feel stressed out. I don't know what to pack nor how I am going to be able to find time to do everything. I'm going to write a post about Prague today since I'm still at bedrest and then I suppose I'll binge icecream, tea, coughdrops and Netflix as I've done the entire week. 


Until next time, " a while crocodile". 



Let's Scream for Equal Rights and No Opression

Are you ready for a scream? 

I'm ready for a scream. 

Today I woke up to something disturbing, if you live in Sweden and aren't completely turnt away from social media, you probably know that there's a storm about the Berg brothers. Two days ago, Bröderna Berg, as they call themselves on YouTube, uploaded a video that has gotten some well deserved criticism.

TNKVRT (by Danny Lam) on Instagram is one of my favourite interactive account that shows different oppression through news, personal stories and well thought out texts. He writes it in simple ways for many people to understand both politics and oppression with access on their phones. He is a great influencer with a good analysis and the ability to recieve criticism without conflict. If you aren't following him, do so, NOW. I want to quote his text about Bröderna Berg, and if you've already read it, you can skip it:

"TW: N-word in the video.

Here we have two 'influencers' with over 70 000 followers on YT. Two white men with a ton of young followers. Bröderna Berg, also known as Jockiboois two brothers Christofer and Jakob, recently published a video where they ask eachother questions. One of the questions were if they'd rather have sex with an african or get three hornet stings on the glans. A "Hell no!" comes out of Christofer's mouth, but he's told as a comfort that africans can also be pretty. The N-word is mentioned, as well as the objectification of women in terms of, "P.A.P. = pussy as pussy"

What in the hell are you guys doing, Christofer Berg and Jakob Berg? It is pure racism to have a dilemma where black women are just as bad as having hornets sting you."

The quote keeps on going onto the phobic things Christofer have said about HBTQA+ people, however, him saying that it's 'unnatural', we have a lot of those misconceptions today. In fact, I've been told by many homosexual people that they are mutants just because of their homosexuality. According to me, that's just wrong. I've been googling it trying to comfort them saying that they're not mutants (although, we should all come to terms with the fact that mutation is ok, right?). Fact is, there is not that much research dedicated to homosexuality itself (especially not lesbians) and wheter or not it's a mutation. However I did find something interesting a couple of months back about hyenas. I can't remember the scenario or how/why hyenas were somewhat homosexuals, I just remember that was kind of a breakthrough knowing that if human lesbians were mutants, so were the hyenas. Or the other way around! If hyenas are lesbians, are human lesbians mutants then? 

Although this is very interesting it's not what my scream was about, was it now? After reading Danny Lam's text and watching that despicable clip I took it upon myself to write a few lines on My Story. Mostly about what we as outsiders can do. What white people can do. Although I get opressed because of my gender and who I chose to be with (I'm a pansexual so when I'm with guys I don't get oppressed), I do not experience the biggest oppression in the world, skin colour, race - whatever you want to call it. But I do know, that if you're not a racist you have to be an anti-racist. There's nothing in between. If someone gets bullied, the quite bystanders are just as bad for the bullied as the bully. We can't be quite and pretend that we're anti racists, that we're feminists or fight for women, that we're proud friends, family and supporters of HBTQA+ people. We have to speak. We have to scream. Because until the day we're all free - none of us are. If we're quite, if don't take action - then who's side are we really on??? 

I push out the negativity in my life. For so long I handled it within, in some ways. But I'm tired of it. If I can find a negative source, within my reach, that destroys me, that affects me. I will push it out. I told my followers to stop following these people. These people didn't just do a mistake. This is who they are. In the beginning of the clip they tell the viewers why they vote for SD, a racist party gunning for winning the election. It's not a mistake to call people of colour the N word, compare human beings to hornet stings, just because they have a different colour of their skin, or to say "pussy as pussy", because objectification of women and people of colour is in their nature. 

Jakob later told on his account that he won't take in anything that anyone says about or to him. He has gotten a lot of hate since this video and therefore I'm not really sure if he means the criticism itself or just all the hate and threats. But then again, he wrote to someone in his comment section that he's been told by pretty much 30 000 people that this was so wrong so he gets it. Yet, there is no such thing as a little comment on the wrong doing itself nor an apology what so ever. That is pure bullshit. 

By the way, I was going to do one small background check before writing this and it turns out that the most famous one of the brothers have broken contact with the other brothers because of their fucked up views on society and people around them. 

Although this text definitely won't go viral, nor even be seen by more than 30 people, writing has always been one of the ways I get to tell the world my message. The thing is, like the Berg Brothers' dilemma, you can only chose one. Racist or anti racist? Misogynist or feminist? HBTQA+ supporter or not? You can't be the quite bystander. You are either with us or against us. It's time to tell the world who you are. Take a stand. 


The West Coast

Hello again!

Want to know all about my adventures between London and Prague? Keep reading!

After getting home from London I needed to rest, due to the intensity of my holiday I slept from lunch time on Thursday until early evening on Friday. It was insane! On Saturday I had a small "Welcome Back Party" with Stina where as we just hung out, did some shopping, ate some longed for burgers from Max and watched a movie in the park with Frida. 


On Monday, the 6th of august, one of my sisters turned 14. We celebrated her by going to a lake, play some mini soccer golf, have some fika and a taco & game night.


On Tuesday my parents, youngest sister and I went to Härnösand to spend the night. My parents camped out in a tent and me and sis' slept in the backseat of the car. We woke up on Wednesday to leave for Båstad. But first of all we went to Fågelviken close to Mölle Hamn where mom and dad went for a swim. 

We went to Kullens fyr, a really nice lighthouse with a beautiful view of the coast. When drinking some water right before leaving I accidentely broke the back fender. Super weird. We got really creative trying to fix it without calling a mechanic, it went well. We kept on driving until we got hungry and stopped by a golf restaurant to eat. Outside it we found a lot of trees with fruits, so we picked a few apples and pears. 

We drove to Höganäs Kvickbadet where we played volleyball and went for a swim before the storm came. Later on we got to Pizzeria Sorrento and had dinner. It was interesting because we agreed to share the same pizza and we wanted the exact same topping. I couldn't believe it, because it never happens! We drove along the beach and found a perfect place to put up a tent. It felt like a movie because of the INSANE view. 

On Thursday we were about to go to Tylösand when our car broke down completely. We couldn't drive another meter, so we made a bunch of calls. Waited for hours and finally got a (small!!!) rental car to go with to the beach and later on, the theater. Since we couldn't sleep in this tiny car, nor bring a tent, we stayed in a cabin near a golf course. The next day we went to Gekås Ullared for a shopping day and later that night, by closing time we went home. The plan was to go to Liseberg the day after Gekås and sleep in Ullared but since the car broke down we couldn't. So we went on Saturday instead.

Here is a selection of pictures from my Road trip á la the Swedish West Coast!






Kullens fyr


The garden of Eurest Services Höganäs Restaurant Sandflygsgården


Pizzeria Sorrento


Båstads camping




Some beach (??)




Gekås in Ullared and Pizza House



London Baby


Hi! I'm so sorry for the delay, the day that I wrote the Finland post I had a guest over and the day after that I went to Prague. I wanted to bring my laptop to the Czech Republic because I was on a roll with the whole blogging thing, however it had to wait. A few hours ago, actually 3 in the morning I came home from Prague. My travel buddy just went home and after a really good feast meal (watch insta for pictures or in a coming post) I am now ready to update you about my travels. 

London is a great story! In general I would say that London is never a bad idea, but in some aspects it might be just the case. I guess you could say that I learnt a whole lot about myself, people in general and a few valuable lessons about friendship. But let's take it from the top!

As you already know my dad drove me to Vantaa. I had some breakfast at a café on the airport and the next thing I knew, I had gone all the way to London. 


So the reason that I went to London is that a friend of mine from school studies in Switzerland and has her practice in one of the 5 star hotels in the center of London. I simply went to visit her, because I imagine that's what I would have wanted if I moved abroad (and DO want now). I planned this trip for a very long time, turns out later she had to work and visit her family on one of the days she's off. But I wouldn't let that ruin my trip. She was going to let one of her friends babysit me and some time alone couldn't be dangerous, but at the same time, it could, of course. Fact is, even when she told me she didn't get me a babysitter I didn't let that ruin my trip. I was going to have a lot of fun!


When I arrived to Victoria Station she came to pick me up and took me to Elephant & Castle, where she lives. After settling in we went to lunch at Zizzi's and then Tate Modern before she got to work. I had the Pasta Pomodoro, which I highly recomend.

I haven't really documented what happened during this trip since I didn't have a powerbank and everything I owned pretty much died constantly. I have after this trip learnt that I need to make notes, such as a diary to remember what I actually did. Luckily I have automatic save on snapchat stories, so I am not completely dead in the water. After leaving my friend at work I went to buy a city map (as the tourist I am), since I knew I was going to run out of batteries. I searched on google and the closest one I could find was actually 3 km away (kinda far??). When I got my map I needed a pen (tourist shop obviously had pens, but to buy one for 6 pounds =70 sek???), so I google supermarket and tried to keep an eye on the map as it turned out my phone was about to die. But I went far, because all of a sudden I had walked from The Shard, to St. Paul's Cathedral and all the way to St. James's Park. I realized then, 9 km later, that maybe I should get home to rest and find a pencil in the apartment. I took the subway from St. James's to Victoria, to Embankment to Elephant & Castle. From thereon I started to look for the apartment. As my phone had died I couldn't look anything up so I used the map. I used the map for 2 hours. I guess I looked really confused because two hours with that map in my hand later some guys walked by. I heard something behind. Thought it was another catcall since those aren't uncommon, but when they repeated themselves I heard what they said. "Miss, are you lost?" 

"Kinda." I answered looking up from the map I held with a steady grip resisting the wind to grab it. 

"Can I help you?" said the tall one. He called himself Ace. Shortly after offering to help me I got to know all about him. He was chatty, nice and really, really good looking. After six hours trying to find the place I stayed at, we found my home. I hung out there for a while, then I went to ask him out to dinner. I went to his place, because he wanted to change from his workout clothes to regular ones. Then we went to Vapiano, a restaurant I desperatly wanted to go to (although he decided). I'm a little disappointed because I've heard so many good things about their pasta, yet I've had pasta waaaay better in many other restaurants. For example, Zizzi where I went for lunch the same day. Later he just showed me around town. It was really nice and suuuper cozy. 


I said goodbye to him an hour before my friend got off work. After that we went to her favourite bar where we just hung out for a couple of hours and then we went home. 


On Sunday we went to China Town for lunch. We found a little resturant that we both could agree to and then we had some bubbly tea on Candy Café (Leicester Square WC2). When I got home I made myself ready for a night on the town and then I stayed in for a couple of hours before going out to drinks and dinner with a fellow tourist from Chile nearby Victoria Station. When done I had promised to go out with another guy after getting home first, problem was I couldn't find my way home (due to taking the wrong turn when I got out from the station). I walked around with the map, not understanding. As the day before someone asked me if I was lost. They tried to help me, but it was a lot of trouble and they offered me to hang out with them until my friend finished work. So I did. We bought some vodka and lemonade and then I stayed with them for a couple of hours until my friend texted me. When I met her at home I asked if she wanted to join us outside but she just wanted to sleep. I wanted to socialize with my new friends, and so I did. For a couple of more hours - until I got home. 


On monday, 30th of July, I  woke up super late, did my makeup, put on a really beautiful dress and got myself out on the town. I went to Over Under Coffee to get some brunch, later a souvenir shop to buy a shotglas (in every country I've been in without my parents since it's been legal for me to drink) and last, but not least - Victoria Secret by Picadilly. Bought my sister and myself a couple of panties as well as a body mist and lotion from Tease. Been loving that smell for what feels like forever. Their offer made me do it. Then I went to see the friends I met a day earlier to hang out with them until late evening when I got home. Sadly, my friend that had been out visiting her family was now at the club and had locked me out of her room (which she never actually locks, so why now?). I talked to her and she told me to get to the club to hang out, but all I ever wanted was to sleep. So I took into a hotel and hung out with my new found friends until later that night.


I woke up on Tuesday feeling like a queen. Turns out the universe is against us and don't really want us feeling like queens, because when I get to my friends' apartment ready to finally spend her free time off WITH ME(!!!) she tells me, no, "you have to move out". I made a huge deal about this on my snapchat, and although I don't need to dwell on about it anymore, I will say that I am severely disappointed and upset with how someone can treat anyone they call their friend like this. It was a very uneasy experience in my life, and the fact that someone could make such a dick move is to me out of this world. I was alone. Didn't know anyone but her and she just kicked me out on the street. I got the feeling she wanted to smooth things over with some light hearted conversation while I was packing my things (and wanted to leave her place as fast as quickly), but really, she just made it worse. So, all of a sudden, my trip changed. I booked a hotel, a flight and wanted to leave right away. Didn't matter how much time the trip took. I just wanted to leave. When I got to the hotel I had a huge rant on Snapchat and a few conversations with my dearest friends and family about the dick move. They were so supportive and I'm so thankful for it. Then I decided that I couldn't feel sorry for myself anymore and I planned a trip to The House of Minalima and Neals Yard, a few of the places I wished to visit before going home. And let me just say, these places won't let you down!




On my last day in London I brought myself to Camden Town and Camden market. I had a few hours of free time before I had to go to the airport. I decided to spend those hours on Cyberdog, my all time favourite rave (??) shop. I bought this dope jacket I later wore on vacation with my family when I got home. I'll show you! Here are the last pictures from my last day in London. Have a good one, y'all,

"..., in a while crocodile".










I'm back! And what a journey!



I'ts been a while! I think you might have forgotten about me, I know I haven't forgotten about you. It's been hanging over me everyday to keep on photographing but still editing the pictures from all my travels, something I didn't plan when I booked my trips! It's been one h*ll of a trip and I have so much to tell but I will defintely forget to tell even 30% of it. But let's take it from the top! As you already know, from my "Quick Check Up", as I called it, I went to my family's house on the countryside with one of my sisters and my parents. What I haven't told you is that this house is in Finland on land that was left for my grandmother when her father died after WW2, which by the way is HUGE land since he was a farmer. Except for my family and the wildlife there is not a single sound from a lung borne creature and it is delightful! We just spend every single day enjoying life, eating, playing games and hanging out by the lake. One night we had guests over -my dad's cousin and one of his daugthers - and that's pretty much all that we have socialized. For me as an ambivert, not socializing can sometimes be the best thing in the entire world. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@lisakarolina) you might already know the extent of my trips' destinations. First of all, I went to Örebro to visit my grandparents and stay the night. We woke up suuuuper early to continue to Stockholm where the ferry took us on an almost 22 hour long ride to Turku. 


From there on we continued by car to Kirkkonummi where our house is. We arrived late in the evening, picked the rooms we were about to sleep in and made our beds as well as ourselves, ready for the night and a good night's sleep.  I stayed in Finland for 9 days, afterwards my dad drove me from our house to Vantaa (Helsinki airport) and I was off to London. Pictures from that trip in the next post. 

Until then, "... in a while crocodile".