I am Terminating my Business!

Hello everyone!

In two days it's bye bye Volvo and hello vacation! I can't wait to first of all get those itchy pants of my legs, and second of all - for the first time in years have a real vacation - with no jobs what so ever, because you know what? I'm terminating my business and I am relieved! 

I started my company at the age of 16, before that I had some experience for two years. I got into the business thanks to my dad and I was and still am very thankful to him, but it was never what I wanted in life. Right there and then, and still today it has been about making some extra cash and gain experience. I have given it almost a year of consideration and I feel really good about making this decision. 


I am going to start a new chapter in my life, one that I have longed for, for so long. I have always wanted to live abroad and this fall I am doing it. I am moving to my all-time favourite country in the world - Italy. I am so excited and I just can't wait any longer. My move is also one of the reasons I am changing up my M.O., I want to practice my English but also reach a bigger crowd. From now on I will only write in English and in a few days I will translate all the former posts to English. However, I have so much planned for my vacation I do not know when to do all of this work.

I am also trying to edit pictures and a vlog about my midsummer weekend in Dalarna, but for some reason I can't upload the videos from my camera and my phone to the computer. Something is wrong and I need to take a few hours to figure it out. But for now, I don't have that time. I think it will take me a while since I have planned so many trips on my vacation. However I have three weeks between my last weekend trip and Italy that I will use to spend with my family, terminate my business for real, pack, get everything ready for my move and study for my driver's license. I was planning on getting my license before I leave for Italy but I doubt that's happening since there aren't any tests available - they're all booked. In these three weeks I can hopefully get some time to edit my blog and fix the vlogs - otherwise I don't know.


You know what? I actually have to get to work in 10 minutes, so I'll just finnish my luch for now and I'll talk to you soon. Have a great afternoon!



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